Common infections

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Common Infections

From gastroenteritis to sore throats and head colds- there are many common infections that cause people to miss work, university or other scheduled commitments. Most viral illnesses are self-limiting, and simply require time, rest and supportive measures such as adequate hydration and pain relief. In the case of the common cold, there are many remedies available over-the-counter in pharmacies- however only some are scientifically proven to help- we look at these in our article about treatment for the common cold.  Gastroenteritis also tends to be a self-limiting illness. The key is good fluid intake- oral rehydration solutions such as Hydrolyte or Gastrolyte are particularly helpful. We also take a look at some common childhood viruses such as Croup, Hand Foot and Mouth disease and Slapped Cheek Syndrome. Many parents worry about high fevers in their children- we explore what causes a high temperature, strategies for management, and the warning signs that something more serious might be going on.

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What is Rubella and why is it dangerous?

What is Rubella and why is it dangerous? What is Rubella? Rubella (sometimes called German Measles) is a viral infection.  It used to be very common, but routine vaccination has reduced cases dramatically in Australia. In 2018 the World Health Organisation announced that Australia had eliminated Rubella. However, it is [...]

Flu symptoms- how do you know if you have Influenza?

What are the symptoms of Influenza (Flu)? What is Influenza? Many people say they have “the flu” when they experience viral symptoms, however true Influenza is generally a lot worse than a common cold, and in some cases can even be life-threatening. Influenza or “flu” is a virus that [...]

What is Measles and why is it serious?

Measles- what causes it and why is it serious? spread symptoms complications vaccine What is Measles? Measles is a viral infection, that causes a distinctive rash and fever. It’s highly contagious and can lead to serious complications including death.  While it’s become much less common in Australia due [...]

Scabies- symptoms, diagnosis & treatment

Scabies- symptoms, diagnosis & treatment What is Scabies? Scabies is a highly contagious skin infestation, caused by a tiny mite, called Sarcoptes scabeii. Due to its small size (2-4mm), it’s difficult to see without magnification. The mites form burrows in the skin where they lay their eggs, leading to [...]

Bronchiolitis- causes, symptoms & treatment

Bronchiolitis- causes, symptoms & treatment causes symptoms diagnosis treatment What is Bronchiolitis? Bronchiolitis is an infection of the small airways (bronchioles) in the lungs of young children It is nearly always caused by a virus It usually affects babies under the age of 12 months and is most [...]