Pharmacy Value Proposition

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Pharmacy Value Proposition

The traditional model of healthcare is changing. The days when patients can only get prescriptions by attending a clinic and then going round the corner to a pharmacy are numbered.  Efficiency and convenience are going to be essential for you to keep your customers. Online services are well-established in almost every developed marketplace except healthcare – the potential to profit from streamlining is enormous.

Qoctor is approaching the market place with an entirely open mind for revolutionising how healthcare is delivered and we’ve just revealed our latest flagship service – Prescribing. We’re prescribing to our patients online via click-&-collect and delivery services. But we’re also looking for pharmacies to work with us to supply our services via kiosks. You can contact us to discuss how you can put qoctor in your pharmacy and ensure the flow of prescription medications goes to you and not your competitors. We’ve started with a small number of selected items, for example the contraceptive pill. The potential for expanding the service is almost limitless.

Everything about qoctor is efficient and convenient. The whole site is run by real doctors registered in Australia and fairly soon you’ll wonder by this hasn’t been done before. If our patient is accessing their prescription medication via your pharmacy, you can be reassured that they’re being treated by a group of doctors who strictly adhere to the highest clinical standards.  We follow gold standard protocols at every stage in patient care. Take a look around our website, explore our health library, find out who we are. Our philosophy is that patient safety is the first priority. Convenience is the second.

How does it work?

Adhering to the highest standards of care and following the latest guidelines, our doctors have developed an online consultation for each medication. Each patient must go through these questions to ascertain whether the medication is suitable for them, much the same as when a patient sees a GP in person.  If the patient meets the criteria for the medication and has paid for the consultation and medication, they will be allowed to request a prescription or delivery of medication.

One of our doctors would then review the consultation and check the patient is suitable for the medication requested.  If suitable, the doctor will then send the request to one of our partnered pharmacies via our secure clinical system.  The pharmacy would dispense the medication and qoctor would send the payment for the medication to that pharmacy.

Why Register?

If your pharmacy registers, you will gain access to update your profile on our provider directory.  If one of our customers chooses to send a paper prescription to you, then you will get early access to the script electronically.  Furthermore, you will be able to communicate with the patient to fulfill the script before pick up.

Secondly, we are looking for pharmacies to deliver medication on our behalf.  At this point we are exchanging this for free advertising through front signage, handing out flyers and potentially adverts on screens in the pharmacy.

Register your pharmacy now and join the healthcare revolution!

Any questions?  Sign up and we will be in contact to discuss