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Pharmacy Value Proposition

Healthcare is changing. The traditional model isn’t efficient or convenient enough. The days when patients can only get prescriptions by attending a clinic and then going round the corner to a pharmacy are over.

Efficiency and convenience are going to be essential for you to keep your customers. Online services are well-established in almost every developed marketplace except healthcare – the potential to profit from streamlining is enormous. Qoctor has entered the market-place with an entirely open mind for revolutionising how healthcare is delivered and our latest flagship service is prescribing. We’re prescribing to our patients online via click-&-collect and delivery services.

We’re looking for pharmacies to work with us to supply our services. You can contact us to discuss how you can put Qoctor in your pharmacy (including training in how to use our simple bespoke technology) and ensure the flow of prescription medications goes to you and not your competitors.

Everything about Qoctor is safe, efficient and convenient. The service is run by experienced doctors registered in Australia. If our patient is accessing their prescription medication via your pharmacy, you can be assured that they’re being treated by a group of doctors who strictly adhere to the highest clinical standards. Take a look around our website, explore our health library, find out who we are. 

How does it work?

Adhering to the highest standards of care and following the latest guidelines, our doctors have developed online consultations for a variety of conditions. Each patient must go through an online consultation to ascertain whether a treatment is suitable for them, much the same as when a patient sees a GP in person. If it’s safe for the patient to receive a medication, they are able to request a paper prescription which can be sent directly to them, or have a prescription sent electronically to their chosen pharmacy. Some of our partner pharmacies also provide medication delivery for patients.

Why Register?

We are looking for more pharmacies to dispatch medication on our behalf – dispensing it and sending it using equipment we supply, and receiving payment from Qoctor. At this point, in exchange for referring pharmacies this business, we simply seek  advertising space via in-store signage, displays,and distribution of our promotional flyers etc ( the cost of which Qoctor will meet).

If your pharmacy registers, you will also gain access to update your profile on our provider directory. If a patient chooses to send a paper prescription to you, then you will get early access to the script electronically.  Furthermore, you will be able to communicate with the patient to fulfill the script before pick up.

Register your pharmacy now and join the healthcare revolution.

Any questions?  Sign up and we will be in contact to discuss.

Medications Currently available to patients via Qoctor

Prescription medications for numerous common conditions are available to patients, subject to their online assessment with the doctor:




Hay Fever/Allergies 




Erectile Dysfunction 

Premature Ejaculation 

Hair Loss 

Delaying a Period 

Acid Reflux/GORD

Cold Sores 

Genital Herpes 

Bacterial Vaginosis



Diabetes Medication


and many more…..