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Bedwetting- what causes it and what’s the treatment?

Bedwetting- what causes nocturnal enuresis & how is it treated? symptoms causes treatment What is enuresis? Enuresis (or nocturnal enuresis) is more commonly known as bedwetting.  It’s a problem for lots of children, and can have an impact on the entire family, causing upset, disrupted sleep and embarrassment for [...]

What are kidney stones and why do they happen?

What are kidney stones and why do they happen?   What are kidney stones? Kidney stones are hard crystals that form from different salts in the urine. They can occur anywhere in the urinary tract- in the bladder, kidneys or ureters (the tubes that join the kidneys to the bladder). How common are [...]

What is Lupus?

What is Lupus and what are the symptoms? Cause Symptoms Tests Treatment What is Lupus? Selena Gomez has had a kidney transplant because of it. It’s often mentioned on medical TV dramas. It provokes interest because it can cause a huge number of symptoms, and it can be [...]

What causes a UTI and what can make it recur?

What is a UTI? A UTI is a “Urinary Tract Infection”, also known as “cystitis”. This means that bacteria have entered your urinary tract What is the urinary tract? The urinary tract is made of 4 areas: The urethra - the tube connecting your bladder to the outside world (via your pee-hole) The bladder [...]