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How Qoctor works

Choose your certificate


Medical certificates are for when you’re out-of-action through illness

Carer certificates are for when you’re caring for somebody else who is ill

Answer a few questions


This takes only a few minutes- the doctor will need to ask some questions about your health (or about the person you’re caring for)

Pay $22.99


No hidden extras- get your certificate immediately into your inbox, following the consultation

Online consultation


Enter your video consultation during your scheduled appointment time (by following the link we’ll send you via email or SMS)

Download your certificate


We will email you a link to allow you to download your certificate. Or you can access it by logging in to your account.

Then you can simply print it out or email the PDF directly to your employer

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How to book your online appointment

  • Go to the home page and select the certificate you need- an online medical certificate or a carer’s certificate.
  • Complete a health questionnaire and choose a time slot for your video consultation.
  • Your consultation can be Bulk-Billed if you provide valid medicare details, and if you have symptoms that require a covid-19 test, or if you are in self-isolation/quarantine due to Covid-19. If you don’t have a Medicare card, you’ll need to submit payment details to cover the $22.99 fee. Within minutes you will receive confirmation of your booking via email.
  • One of our online doctors will call you for your video consultation- you just need to enter your video consultation at the appointed time and wait for the doctor to call (we’ll send you a link via email and an SMS reminder)
  • The doctor will discuss your health concerns and will issue a medical certificate *
  • You’ll get an email after your video consultation, containing a link to your online medical certificate or carer’s certificate. Alternatively, you can log in to your Qoctor account and access the certificate in your order history.
  • The certificate will be in PDF format, so you can print it or email it to your employer as you wish.

*subject to doctor’s assessment

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FAQs about medical certificates

Can you get medical certificates online?2019-10-29T14:40:20+11:00

Yes, it is possible to get medical certificates online in Australia, if the doctor is appropriately trained and fully registered with AHPRA. These days it is quite common for Australian GPs and specialists to assess their patients via video consultation, for all sorts of health issues. You should expect the doctor to ask you some questions about your medical history and your symptoms, just as you would in a regular clinic. Sometimes the doctor may advise that you need to see a doctor in person, if they feel a physical examination is needed. A medical certificate issued via an appropriately conducted online assessment is a legal document, just the same as one you’d receive in a clinic. For more information on your rights as an employee go to

Is an online medical certificate the same as a regular medical certificate?2020-06-23T21:36:35+10:00

Yes, an online medical certificate from one of our doctors is a legal document and contains all the appropriate information you’d expect- including relevant dates, full professional details of the doctor, and their signature. Qoctor has issued over 50,000 online medical certificates to date. Our service is supported by employees and employers alike.