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“change of specialist” referral to change your choice of specialist from an existing referral

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How Qoctor works – specialist referral letters

If this is your first time to use an online doctor, here’s how to get a specialist referral letter from Qoctor:

(1) Go to the referrals page and select the type of referral letter you need:

  • a repeat specialist referral letter if returning to see a specialist you’ve seen in the past
  • a “change of specialist” letter
  • new specialist referral letters are available for a limited range of issues including referral a dermatologist for acne management and to a sleep specialist for investigation of possible sleep apnoea.

(2) complete a form which gives the online doctor key information about your health. You will also be asked for the details of your usual GP, so your specialist can keep them informed.

(3) Once you have completed the online assessment and paid ($22.99), you will receive an email containing a link to your referral letter. Or you can log in to your account on the Qoctor website at any time and download it. The letter will be in PDF format, so you can print it, or email it to your specialist.

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