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What is Qoctor all about?

Qoctor offers a new format of online healthcare in Australia – one that’s designed to suit the patient.  It’s simple, affordable and provided by registered Australian doctors and pharmacies. And because it’s online, it’s accessible wherever you happen to be.

  • We started with an online medical certificate service because we know it is often inconvenient and unnecessary for patients to attend a doctor’s surgery in person, when they only have a mild illness.
  • We added referral letters to specialists- a well person who simply needs a referral letter should be able to get one without necessarily requiring a GP visit in person.
  • We also provide online prescriptions for many conditions and health issues- including the contraceptive pill, sexual health, migraine, hay fever, skin problems. Repeat prescriptions for many common medications can also be issued, following a video consultation with one of our doctors.


It takes just a few minutes. Why take time out of your day sitting in a crowded waiting room to see a GP?


There’s no need to leave your home or your office, particularly if you’re not feeling 100%, just as long as you feel you don’t need to see a GP in person


We are a group of experienced fully-qualified doctors based in Australia

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