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What is Qoctor?

Qoctor is owned and run by Australian GPs. We understand better than anyone the priorities in telehealth and the importance of patient safety.

The traditional model of healthcare is changing, and the doctors at Qoctor aim to shape how 21st century medicine works so that patient and clinicians both get what they need.

We are looking for new, dynamic GPs to join our team.


You earn as you complete consultations and can achieve great rates, with the ability for your income to grow as Qoctor grows. Contact us to find out more.

By direct bank transfer after the end of each month

Qoctor will provide one-on-one training

Due to Qoctor’s unique algorithms, consultations average 3-5 minutes

No, you will need to:

  • Have your own professional indemnity insurance

  • Have your own ABN

  • Be responsible for your own PAYG liability, workers compensation and superannuation

  • You are required to have your own professional indemnity insurance

  • Although most insurers cover telehealth, it is your responsibility to check your policy details

Qoctor is owned by practising Australian GPs. Click on the team for more details.

  • Just a computer or mobile device with a camera and microphone attached, and a good internet connection

  • A private and quiet space without interruptions

Top Reasons to Join Qoctor

  • Additional income stream and increased revenue
  • Flexible hours – work as much or as little as you want
  • Work from any location in Australia
  • All you need is your computer
  • Our unique algorithms designed to:
    • Maximise doctor efficiency and income
    • Maximise patient safety

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