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Bronchiolitis- causes, symptoms & treatment

Bronchiolitis- causes, symptoms & treatment causes symptoms diagnosis treatment What is Bronchiolitis? Bronchiolitis is an infection of the small airways (bronchioles) in the lungs of young children It is nearly always caused by a virus It usually affects babies under the age of 12 months and is most [...]

Chicken Pox- symptoms, treatment & key facts

Chicken Pox spread symptoms vaccine treatment Chicken Pox is a viral infection, caused by the Varicella Zoster Virus, which is a type of herpes virus. Children in Australia are routinely immunised against Chicken Pox at 18 months, as part of a 4 in 1 vaccine with the MMR [...]

School sores- causes,symptoms & treatment

What are School Sores and how are they treated? symptoms spread diagnosis treatment What are school sores (impetigo)? School sores, also referred to as Impetigo, is a bacterial skin infection which leads to spots or lesions on the skin. These sores may appear as blisters [...]

Mumps- what causes it & what are the symptoms?

Mumps- what causes it & what are the symptoms? spread symptoms complications management What is mumps and what causes it? Mumps is a viral illness, which causes swelling of the salivary glands (the glands in the head and neck that produce spit), fever and sometimes other symptoms and [...]