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The mini pill-10 common questions doctors get asked

10 questions women often ask about the mini pill What is the mini pill and what is it used for? The mini pill (also known as the progesterone only pill or POP for short) is used as a method of contraception (birth control). It’s often chosen when the combined oral contraceptive pill (COCP) is [...]

How do you get thrush and how is it treated?

Thrush- what causes it and how is it treated? What is thrush? Thrush is caused by a yeast known as “candida albicans”, which lives naturally in parts of the body including the vagina and bowel. Usually candida causes no problems, but sometimes the balance of normal bacteria and fungi gets disturbed. This [...]

5 infections that can cause abnormal vaginal discharge

5 infections that can cause abnormal vaginal discharge   Vaginal Discharge - what’s normal and what’s not? Vaginal discharge is a natural fluid or mucus that keeps the vagina moist and protects it from infection. It tends to be white or clear, and normally doesn’t have an odour. Women often notice that their [...]

Bacterial Vaginosis- a common cause of vaginal discharge

What is bacterial vaginosis? A normal, healthy vagina is home to a variety of different bacteria. However, in Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) the balance is disturbed, and an overgrowth of some of these bacteria occurs. It is not entirely clear why this happens. The most common symptom is a vaginal discharge which is often white-grey [...]

The morning after pill- the facts & a new 5 day option

The morning after pill- the facts, and a new 5 day option Unprotected sex, a missed pill, a burst condom-there are many reasons a woman may find herself suddenly worrying about an unplanned pregnancy. Despite its name, the morning after pill is not just for the morning after- it can be taken at any [...]