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Thunderstorm Asthma- why it happens and how to prepare yourself

Thunderstorm Asthma- learning from the past & preparing for next time What Happened in Melbourne back in November 2016? 9 people lost their lives, hundreds of people were hospitalised and thousands of people were affected by breathing problems due to thunderstorm asthma. Medical services were overwhelmed by an unexpected surge in sudden-onset attacks of [...]

Common health issues faced by tradies

Tradies face many challenges to their health. Whilst physical injury is often the first thing that springs to mind, there are many other health issues that need to be considered. With around 9% of Australians employed in the construction industry, these are matters that affect a large section of our population. Mental Health and [...]

Headaches- how painkillers can worsen them

Could over-use of painkillers be making your headaches worse? There are certain things that your GP should be looking for if you’re suffering from regular headaches. Things that may indicate something to worry about include: Sudden onset Accompanying fever Change in the nature or timing of the headache Neck stiffness Accompanying neurological symptoms, for [...]

5 good reasons to get your next carer’s certificate from an online doctor

Whether it’s hand foot and mouth disease, slapped cheek syndrome or simply the common cold- viral illness is not much fun for little ones. Depending on the virus in question, they can feel pretty miserable for a few days or even a week or two. In the long run, it’s a healthy and necessary [...]

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