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What is Dysmenorrhoea?

Dysmenorrhoea is the medical term for period pain that is severe enough to affect a woman’s normal daily activities. Other symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhoea, fainting and thigh pain commonly occur with it. Dysmenorrhoea can be extremely debilitating for some girls and women (even if painkillers are taken), and may lead to missed school, uni or work. So what tests should be done, and what treatment can help?

What is Adenomyosis and what are the symptoms?

Adenomyosis- causes, symptoms & treatment symptoms causes diagnosis treatment What is Adenomyosis? Adenomyosis is when the type of tissue that normally lines the uterus (endometrial tissue) also grows in the muscle layer of the uterus, where it continues to thicken, break down and bleed [...]

Endometriosis- what are the symptoms?

Endometriosis- symptoms, causes & management what is it symptoms tests treatment Endometriosis is a very common condition- affecting around 1 in 10 women, mainly between the ages of 25 and 40. It can be hard to diagnose as it doesn’t typically show up on blood tests or ultrasound scans. [...]

Period pain-the facts and how to treat it

Period pain- symptoms, tests & treatment causes tests treatment Painful periods- what is dysmenorrhoea? Dysmenorrhoea is a medical term for period pain that is bad enough to affect a woman’s usual daily activities. Often non-sufferers don’t fully understand just how painful periods can be Other symptoms such as fainting, [...]