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Thrush is caused by a yeast (known as candida albicans or simply “candida”) which lives naturally in areas of the body including the vagina and bowel. Although it can be present in the body without causing problems, sometimes the balance of normal bacteria and fungi gets disturbed and candida overgrows, leading to symptoms. In women, the vulva and vagina are the most common areas to be affected, but it’s also possible to get thrush in other locations such as the mouth, oesophagus and skin. Breast-feeding women can develop thrush in the nipple area. Diagnosis is usually based on history and examination, but sometimes a doctor may perform a swab to confirm it. Treatment depends on the location of the infection- it may be an antifungal topical cream, a vaginal cream or pessary, or an oral tablet.

How do you get thrush and how is it treated?

Thrush- what causes it and how is it treated? what is thrush? causes symptoms treatment What is thrush? Thrush is caused by a yeast known as “candida albicans”, which lives naturally in parts of the body including the vagina and bowels. Although candida usually causes no problems, sometimes [...]