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Listeria is bacteria found in soil, water and some animals, including cattle and poultry. It can cause a serious form of gastroenteritis known as Listeriosis, and can be particularly dangerous in small babies, the elderly and during pregnancy. If a pregnant woman is infected with Listeria, there is an increased risk of premature labour, stillbirth and various complications for the baby.

In this section we look at the symptoms of Listeria infection and the types of food that typically the carry Listeria bacteria. We also discuss Listeria in pregnancy, and simple ways to reduce the risk of contracting Listeria infection.

What is Listeria and what are the symptoms?

What is Listeria & what are the symptoms? what is Listeria? symptoms risk diagnosis & treatment In 2018 several elderly Australians have died from Listeria infection, having eaten contaminated cantaloupe melons (rockmelons) grown in a farm in New South Wales. So, what exactly [...]