Medical Certificate

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A medical certificate is a document issued by a doctor, confirming that you were ill and thus unfit to attend work, university or another scheduled commitment.

If you have a minor illness, you may need a medical certificate, but not actually need to see a doctor in person. In many situations it’s now possible to obtain a medical certificate from an online doctor instead, via a video consultation.  You can find out how to get an online medical certificate below.

Dr Sicknote becomes Qoctor- Australia’s #1 online doctor

Dr Sicknote becomes Qoctor- growing beyond an online sick note service The start of an online sick note service Dr Sicknote started out as a bright idea- why not make it possible to see a doctor online to get a sick note? Simple day-to-day things, like medical certificates, carer’s certificates, referral letters  and [...]

5 reasons to get a medical certificate from an online doctor

When minor illnesses strike, the common sense approach is to take some time off to rest and recover. That’s all well and good, but many employers or universities will demand a medical certificate- which often involves a stressful scramble to get a doctor’s appointment the same day. In many cases, it can be very [...]

Medical certificates online for these 5 common illnesses

5 common reasons to get a medical certificate online Can you get a medical certificate online? In a word, yes. Though not for every ailment- it very much depends on your symptoms. Certain health problems are quite easy to self-diagnose- head colds, sore throats, period pain and migraine, to name a few. As [...]