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Welcome to Qoctor’s online prescription service, which provides treatment for Migraine. Before proceeding, we recommend you take a few minutes to learn more about this condition- there’s lots of helpful health information below.

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About Migraine

Migraine is not the same as a headache. It is a more complex condition, which usually causes a severe throbbing headache, often associated with sensitivity to light and nausea or vomiting. Symptoms may last for hours or days.  Some people get odd sensations several hours before the headache, like a change in mood or appetite. Others may get an “aura” 20-60 minutes before the headache. An aura most often involves a disturbance of vision, but less commonly may cause  numbness of the arm and/or face, or problems with speech. Click here to find out more about migraine auras. If you have not been previously diagnosed with migraine or you you get these symptoms for the first time, an ambulance should be called, as it could be a stroke.

Prescription medications known as “triptans” can be very effective at stopping a migraine if taken early in an attack. If you’ve been diagnosed with migraine by a doctor and have been prescribed a triptan in the past, Qoctor can provide your repeat prescription online.

Our products & prices

Qoctor can guide you safely through the process of getting medication for Migraine.

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Simply select one of the medications below and we’ll take you through a series of important questions to make sure it’s the right choice for you.

If you ever notice your headaches are worsening or changing, you should see a doctor in person.

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Qoctor prescribes a number of triptans for migraine. Different triptans suit different people- there’s no “best triptan”.  So if the first one doesn’t work or causes side effects, it may be worth trying another one. It’s advised you try a triptan for 3 migraines before moving onto the next.

ImageNameActive IngredientsDosage(s)QtyRepeatsPriceCheaper Alternative/sBuy
Generic EletriptanGeneric EletriptanEletriptan40mg45$19.99$39.98none 19.99
Generic NaratriptanGeneric NaratriptanNaratriptan2.5mg25$19.99$33.49none 19.99
Generic RizatriptanGeneric RizatriptanRizatriptan10mg25$19.99$27.99none 19.99
Generic SumatriptanGeneric SumatriptanSumatriptan50mg25$19.99$49.98none 19.99
Generic Sumatriptan FDT (Fast Disintegrating Tablet)Generic Sumatriptan FDT (Fast Disintegrating Tablet)Sumatriptan50mg25$19.99$54.98none 19.99
Generic Sumatriptan Nasal SprayGeneric Sumatriptan Nasal SpraySumatriptan10mg25$19.99$42.98none 19.99
Generic ZolmitriptanGeneric ZolmitriptanZolmitriptan2.5mg25$19.99$29.99none 19.99
ImigranImigranSumatriptan50mg25$19.99$49.98Generic Sumatriptan 50 19.99
Imigran FDT (Fast Disintegrating Tablet)Imigran FDT (Fast Disintegrating Tablet)Sumatriptan50mg25$19.99$54.98none 19.99
Imigran Nasal SprayImigran Nasal SpraySumatriptan10mg25$19.99$42.98none 19.99
MaxaltMaxaltRizatriptan10mg25$19.99$28.99Generic Rizatriptan 10 19.99
NaramigNaramigNaratriptan2.5mg25$19.99$33.49none 19.99
RelpaxRelpaxEletriptan40mg45$19.99$39.98none 19.99
ZomigZomigZolmitriptan2.5mg25$19.99$31.49Generic Zolmitriptan 2.5 19.99

Common Questions and Answers

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Migraine is a common condition affecting about 1 in 5 Australians at some time in their life. It is much more common in women than men. Some people get migraines very frequently, others get them rarely. Migraine usually causes a severe throbbing headache behind one eye, difficulty being in the light, and nausea or vomiting. Symptoms may last for hours or days. The 3 types of migraine (1) Migraine without aura (common) (2) Migraine with aura (common) (3) Hemiplegic migraine (rare)       Click here to get your online medical certificate   Whats a migraine aura? Just before the headache starts, some people develop an “aura” lasting 20 to 60 minutes. An aura most often involves a disturbance of vision. Less commonly, migraine sufferers will develop numbness during their aura, which may affect the arm and then face (though usually there are visual symptoms too). Even less commonly, an [...]

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