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Genital Herpes

About Genital Herpes
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About Genital Herpes

1 in 8 adults carry the genital herpes virus, also known as HSV2. It’s spread by skin-to-skin or sexual contact. The first attack may be severe, with intensely painful blisters or skin irritation in the genital area. Diagnosis is made by taking a swab of the rash. Unfortunately, HSV2 never leaves the body- some people get repeated attacks, though these tend to be less severe than the first episode. Antiviral medications can reduce the severity of an attack, if taken soon after symptoms begin.

If you’ve been diagnosed with Genital Herpes in the past and need antiviral treatment for flare-ups, the online doctors at Qoctor can prescribe the medication you need.

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Genital Herpes

Qoctor offers a choice of several antiviral medications for Genital Herpes – these differ in dosing and cost. Simply select the treatment you’d prefer from the options below, and then we’ll take you through some important questions.

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Valaciclovir GenericValaciclovir500mg300$19.99$47.98none19.99
ValtrexValaciclovir500mg300$19.99$48.98Valaciclovir Generic19.99
Famciclovir GenericFamciclovir500mg300$19.99$64.98none19.99
FamvirFamciclovir500mg300$19.99$67.24Famciclovir Generic19.99
Aciclovir GenericAciclovir200mg900$19.99$49.98none19.99

Health Library- Genital Herpes

Genital herpes is usually caused by Herpes Simplex Virus (Type 2), also known as HSV2. HSV1 is the cold sore virus, which less commonly may infect the genital area also. Around 1 in 8 people carry HSV2 , but most are unaware of it. Carriers can still pass it on, but it’s more likely to be transmitted if there are active lesions/ulcers present. The first episode usually involves intensely painful blisters, ulcers and  inflammation in the genital region. It can sometimes be difficult to pass urine. Treatment may involve antiviral medication, which must be prescribed by a doctor. Painkillers, salt baths and topical anaesthetic gel may also help. The virus never leaves the body, and in some people flare ups continue to happen from to time, though symptoms tend to be a lot less severe than the first episode. If these flare ups are very frequent, preventive medication may be needed. To learn more about HSV2, read the helpful article below.