Online Prescriptions

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Online Prescriptions

qoctor will be helping you save time, effort and money by providing online prescriptions. We’ll even be offering home delivery for your medications or paper prescriptions (often next-day), or you can choose to collect from a pharmacy straight away.

Our focus is always on safety and quality – they are at the core of everything we do. You’ll be guided through all of the important questions – the online doctor will be as thorough as if you’d been seen in a clinic. In fact, in many ways the online doctor can be more thorough.

We’ll be starting with online prescriptions for the following:

  • Combined oral contraceptive pill
  • Mini Pill
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Hair-loss
  • Delaying period
  • Chlamydia
  • Genital Herpes

Just register and we’ll send you updates for when the service goes live – it’s only a few short weeks away!

And if you feel we ought to be supplying other things, let us know and we’ll try to find a way.

Safety and quality always come first – but convenience comes a pretty close second!

Online Prescription

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Rhiannon, Patient

“Quick, convenient and professional”

Matthew, Patient

“Very helpful! They’re a new service, and seem committed to helping. Friendly doctor and pretty straightforward. Very happy with it……lots of innovations coming up by the sound of it!”

Sep, Patient