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Online Doctor Consult

Finally! The time is nearly upon us when doctors come into the 21st Century and offer what patients actually want, not just what’s convenient for the doctor! We’re doing a lot of new things at qoctor, and fairly soon we’ll be offering online doctor consultations (with both GPs and specialists). So you’ll be able to access advice, counselling, specialist opinions, help with health-related paperwork, prescriptions etc. without leaving your desk – or maybe even your bed!

Clearly not every problem can be managed without a face-to-face consultation, but it’d be nice to have the option of trying, right?

Safety and quality always come first – but convenience comes a pretty close second!

Just register and we’ll send you updates for when the service goes live – it’s only a few short months away!

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“Fantastic Great experience!”

Rhiannon, Patient

“Quick, convenient and professional”

Matthew, Patient

“Very helpful! They’re a new service, and seem committed to helping. Friendly doctor and pretty straightforward. Very happy with it……lots of innovations coming up by the sound of it!”

Sep, Patient

9.3 out of 10
reviewed by Trustpilot