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Get a medical certificate online

  • Usually you can get a same day appointment if you book before 5pm that day
  • The fee is an affordable $22.99
  • Experienced Australian doctors- our medical certificates are the same as those issued at your local clinic.
  • Immediately download your medical certificate after the consultation
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How does it work?

  • If you have a minor illness and can’t attend work or uni, you may need a medical certificate.
  • An online video consultation with Qoctor means you get a full professional assessment with an experienced Australian doctor, without the hassle of leaving home
  • Our team of doctors have successfully issued over 50,000 medical certificates to date, to workers across all sectors and industries.
  • The online doctor will take a history via video consultation and make an assessment just as they would in clinic.
  • You can download your medical certificate immediately after the consultation and print it at your convenience. 

How much does an online medical certificate cost?

An appointment with one of our online doctors costs an affordable $22.99- that’s itno hidden extras. 

Do you have any more questions?

People often have questions when getting a medical certificate online for the first time- if you’d like to find out more, browse our FAQ section below.

FAQs about online medical certificates
Medical Certificate

Medical Certificate

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What are the most common reasons to get a medical certificate online?

Some of the most common reasons for people to get an online medical certificate include:

  • Viral illnesses
  • Sore throat
  • Common cold 
  • Awaiting coronavirus swab results
  • Fatigue
  • Gastro
  • Migraine
  • Back pain
  • Period pain
  • Minor injuries

Advantages of getting an online medical certificate with Qoctor:

There are many reasons why Qoctor is the best online medical certificate service in Australia.

  • Our well-established online doctor service has been providing online assessments for medical certificates since 2015.
  • It’s trusted by workers, students and employers all over Australia.
  • It is just $22.99 for an appointment.
  • As we’re open 7 days a week, a same day appointment is always possible.

Our aim is to remove the hassle from healthcare, and offer a safe, affordable and efficient online doctor service.

When you choose Qoctor you…

  • Save time– no commuting or queuing- instead it’s a brief video consultation with an online doctor. You don’t even need to leave your bed!
  • Spend more time resting and recovering– it’s called sick leave for a reason. The best place to be is at home, getting better, not waiting at the doctor’s surgery with other sick people.
  • Save money– At Qoctor,  our medical certificate service costs an affordable $22.99
  • Stop spread of infection–  using an online doctor can help reduce the spread of infection. You can stay at home, keep your germs to yourself, and avoid crowded waiting rooms.
  • Save doctor time– using an online doctor helps keep appointment slots at the doctor’s surgery available for those who may be more unwell and need to be seen in person.

We also have a simple online tool for employers to check the validity of the document here

To find out more about your rights and responsibilities as an employee, read more at

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What other online doctor services does Qoctor offer?

As well as online medical certificates, carer’s certificate and specialist referral letters, Qoctor offers a wide range of other handy online doctor services, including assessment and treatment for many common conditions. Our repeat prescription service allows people to renew prescriptions for treatments they take regularly. You can choose to have your medication delivered. Or you can have a paper prescription delivered to your home or pharmacy.

FAQs – getting a medical certificate online

Can you get medical certificates online? 2019-10-29T14:40:20+00:00

Yes, it is possible to get medical certificates online in Australia, if the doctor is appropriately trained and fully registered with AHPRA. These days it is quite common for Australian GPs and specialists to assess their patients via video consultation, for all sorts of health issues. You should expect the doctor to ask you some questions about your medical history and your symptoms, just as you would in a regular clinic. Sometimes the doctor may advise that you need to see a doctor in person, if they feel a physical examination is needed. A medical certificate issued via an appropriately conducted online assessment is a legal document, just the same as one you’d receive in a clinic. For more information on your rights as an employee go to

Is an online medical certificate the same as a regular medical certificate? 2020-06-23T21:36:35+00:00

Yes, an online medical certificate from one of our doctors is a legal document and contains all the appropriate information you’d expect- including relevant dates, full professional details of the doctor, and their signature. Qoctor has issued over 50,000 online medical certificates to date. Our service is supported by employees and employers alike.

What are my rights as an employee with regard to medical certificates & sick leave? 2019-05-01T12:32:01+00:00

An employee must inform their employer if intending to take sick leave or carer’s leave. This has to be done as soon as possible, but can be after the leave has started. It should be specified how long the absence from work will be, or is expected to be.

An employer can ask an employee to give evidence that confirms they took leave because they were unable  to work because of an illness or injury, or needed to care for an immediate family or household member who was experiencing illness, injury, or unexpected emergency.

Employers are entitled to ask employees for evidence for as little as 1 day or less off work.

An employee who does not provide their employer with evidence when asked may not be entitled to be paid for sick leave or carer’s leave.

An award or registered agreement can specify the circumstances in which an employee must give evidence to their employer and what type of evidence is required. The type of evidence requested must be reasonable in the circumstances.

Medical certificates and statutory declarations (stat decs) are  considered acceptable forms of evidence.  Although there are no strict rules on what type of evidence should be provided by an employee, the evidence has to convince a reasonable person that the employee was genuinely entitled to the leave.

What about medical appointments and planned surgery?

Medical appointments and elective surgeries that are pre-arranged can only be covered by sick leave if an employee is unable to work because of an illness or injury. It will depend on each individual circumstance. An employer can ask for evidence from an employee to confirm that they were unfit for work. This can help decide whether an employee should be paid sick leave or a different type of leave/entitlement.

Employers attending medical appointments

It is not considered reasonable for an employer to attend a medical appointment with an employee, unless the employee requests it. It is also not considered reasonable for an employer to contact the employee’s doctor to obtain information.

Further information about Australian law relating to sick leave and your rights as an employee can be found at

Is it secure? 2018-10-09T10:39:36+00:00

Qoctor takes data security very seriously. Our website has 256 bit SSL data encryption and authentication. And we do not share your information with third parties.

What details are legally required on a medical certificate? 2019-11-20T23:35:10+00:00

As per Australian guidelines, the standard requirements for a medical certificate are:

  • Name and address of the doctor issuing the certificate
  • Name of the patient
  • Date on which the examination took place
  • Date on which the certificate was issued
  • Date(s) on which the patient is or was unfit for attendance
  • A diagnosis is not usually required. If it is a requirement for a diagnosis to be provided, the doctor should inform the patient and only proceed to include the diagnosis following the express consent of the patient.


I’ve never used an online doctor before- how do I know they are genuine? 2020-06-23T21:37:48+00:00
    • Seeing an online doctor may be a new experience for many.
    • You can rest assured that every doctor on the Qoctor team is a licensed, registered & fully insured doctor based in Australia.
    • Qoctor adheres to the highest clinical standards.
    • Every document you receive from Qoctor will quote the AHPRA registration number and Medicare provider number of the relevant doctor- you can easily view the doctor’s registration details on the AHPRA website.
Will my employer accept my certificate? 2019-11-20T23:37:01+00:00
    • The short answer is yes- all our certificates are provided after an online consultation with a registered doctor based in Australia. Our certificates are valid legal documents and meet the appropriate legal requirements.
    • Online health services are commonplace in the United Kingdom and America and relatively new to Australia. Your employer may want to know more about us and our services. They can use the ‘contact us’ section or live chat on the bottom right, for more information about how our service works- we’ll be happy to help. Of course doctor-patient confidentiality is paramount- we’ll never share any of your personal information or health details with an employer or any third parties without your express permission.


What do I have to do once I’ve given my information and paid? 2020-06-23T21:40:46+00:00
    • Just follow the website instructions – you can choose a timeslot for a video consultation with the online doctor. 
    • Simply ensure you’re online on the video platform when your appointment is scheduled (don’t forget there may be a time difference, depending where you live. Our time slots are AEST)
    • You should receive an SMS and email 30 minutes prior to your appointment with a link to the video platform. Once your time slot begins, click on this link and you should find yourself in the video waiting room.
    • After your appointment, your medical certificate will be immediately uploaded to your account and emailed to you as a PDF.
    • If the doctor assesses you and feels you need to see a doctor in person, they may refund you and advise you what you need to do next.
How do I change my consultation time? 2020-09-08T16:19:37+00:00
  • Click on the link ‘change consult time’ within the confirmation email and then select a time slot of your choice
  • Alternatively you can access your profile on the website, and click on ‘change consult time’ 
  • This can be done up to 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment slot.
When will I receive my certificate? 2018-10-09T10:00:36+00:00
    • You will receive your downloadable certificate within moments of your video consultation- it’ll be uploaded to your Qoctor account, and it will be emailed to you as a PDF attachment.
What if I miss my consultation with the online doctor? 2020-11-17T15:17:49+00:00
    • We will try to contact you firstly on the video platform and then on your mobile number if there is no answer. 
    • If we are still unable to get hold of you, we will send you a link via email which will allow you to book another later appointment for free, if you wish. You will have 48 hours to rebook, after which time the link will expire.
What if the online doctor decides it’s not appropriate to give me a certificate? 2018-10-09T10:09:29+00:00
  • Occasionally, following your video consultation, the online doctor may feel you need to be assessed in person. They may advise you that your symptoms require a physical examination, for safety reasons.
  • In that case, you will be refunded and advised what to do next.
Can you backdate a medical certificate? 2019-11-20T23:40:27+00:00
    • Following assessment, if the doctor deems it appropriate, they can certify that a period of illness occurred
      prior to the date of examination.
    • This means the medical certificate can state that you were unwell on recent dates in question, though the date of your video consultation must also appear on your medical certificate (that’s a legal requirement).
    • People are sometimes incorrectly advised by employers or others that getting a medical certificate relating to previous dates is not allowed. However, Australian employment law states that it is allowable for employees to obtain a medical certificate after the dates in question. According to : “an employee has to let their employer know that they are going to take sick or carer’s leave. This has to be done as soon as possible, and can be after the leave has started. They should also specify how long they will be off or expect to be off work”.
    • If our online doctor is unable to issue a certificate for any reason, you will be issued a full refund.
Can you give Workcover, Centrelink or TAC Certificates? 2017-02-16T22:39:11+00:00
    • We do not currently offer these services, and recommend you see your regular GP
    • Please register for updates about upcoming new services
Can you supply a paper copy of the certificate? 2020-06-23T13:55:03+00:00
    • Most employers will accept a PDF copy of your certificate- and they can go online to check its validity (though patient confidentiality is always maintained, your personal information is not shared).
    • We have issued over 52,000 certificates across Australia and have never had a certificate rejected.
    • Unfortunately we are unable to supply a paper copy of your online certificate, but you can obviously print out the document yourself if necessary. It will contain all the required information, including the doctor’s credentials, AHPRA registration number and their signature.
    • All certificates are generated electronically- we are a paperless practice as this improves efficiency and is kinder to the environment.
How much does it cost? 2021-03-08T21:03:56+00:00

The consultation fee is $22.99 – there are no hidden extras.



Can I claim a Medicare rebate? 2021-03-08T21:03:09+00:00
    • Currently there is no medicare rebate for our services. This is a privately billed online GP service.

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