Hair loss in men- what causes it?

Hair loss in men- what causes it?

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Hair loss in men- what causes it?



Most men will experience some degree of hair loss during their lives- many have no wish to take any action, but some may opt to seek treatment. So, what causes male pattern baldness and what can be done to prevent or reverse it?

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What causes hair loss in men?

The scalp skin normally changes testosterone to another hormone called dihydrotestosterone. In balding men it seems that the hair follicles become too sensitive to this hormone and react by shrinking over time. Normally a single hair should last around 3 years, but as hair follicles shrink, the hairs become thinner and shed more often, until they get so short and thin that they no longer grow out through the skin.

What are the symptoms?

At first, the hair recedes or thins around the temples, while also becoming thinner on the top of the head. These areas of hair loss get bigger and join up, leaving a patch of hair at the front of the head, which over time also becomes thinner. Often a narrow band of hair will be left around the back and sides of the head, though this too can be lost, leading to complete baldness. The length of time it takes to go bald varies widely between men- from just a few years to more than twenty years.

Treatment for Hair Loss

Obviously, for some men, becoming bald may cause concerns relating to physical appearance. But there are some treatments that may help- your doctor can provide a prescription medication that works by blocking the change from testosterone to dihydrotestosterone. The size of the hair follicles then increases which helps hair growth. Somewhere between 1 in 3 and 1 in 6 men who take hair loss medication may get enough hair regrowth to make it worth using. It can take about 4 months to see noticeable results, though it can take up to 2 years to achieve the full effect. If the medication is stopped, the baldness will return. Side effects are uncommon, but some men may report a lower sex drive.

Minoxidil (often branded as Regaine or Rogaine) is a lotion available over-the-counter from pharmacies that is applied to the scalp. It is not clear if it is particularly effective, but it may prevent further hair loss in the early stages of baldness. It does not seem to cause much regrowth. Aside from these medications, some men may consider the option of hair transplant surgery.

If hair loss seems to be happening in a pattern different to that described above (for example very rapid, widespread or patchy hair loss) it is worth speaking to a doctor, as there may be a more unusual cause at play, requiring investigation and potentially different treatment.

For more information about hair loss, speak to your GP.

Hair loss in men and treatment for hair loss

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