How does Chlamydia affect men?

How does Chlamydia affect men?

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Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted infection/disease (STI/STD) caused by a bacteria (Chlamydia Trachomatis). This means that it is spread by having sex or sexual contact with somebody who has already caught it. If a woman catches chlamydia it can cause serious illness and severe fertility problems, as well as increasing the risk of “ectopic pregnancy” (which can be fatal).

But how specifically does it affect men?

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What are the symptoms of chlamydia in men?

Some or all of the following:

  • Burning when you pee
  • Pain in the testicles (balls)
  • Discharge from the end of the penis
  • Rectal pain/discharge/bleeding in men who have received anal sex
  • Long-term it can affect fertility

How common is chlamydia?

It’s very common. Just how common is not really known. Experts estimate that about 1 in 20 young Australians have chlamydia and almost all of them don’t know they have it.

What types of sexual contact are a risk for catching chlamydia?

Touching genitals, vaginal sex, anal sex.

You can also get it in your eyes via your fingers.

You can get it in your throat from oral sex.

How can I avoid catching chlamydia?

By having fewer sexual partners

By using condoms whenever you have sex

By getting you and your partner(s) tested regularly


How long can you have chlamydia before you realise it?

A long time – it can be dormant for many years without causing any symptoms. During this time it can cause damage to your sperm tubes which may render you infertile.

Is chlamydia curable?

Yes. You can cure it using certain antibiotics. You can get an Online Prescription for antibiotics to treat chlamydia from qoctor, the Online Doctor today.

If I haven’t got any symptoms, why should I bother treating chlamydia?

3 main reasons:

  • You might get symptoms at any time and they’re pretty nasty
  • It can cause you to be infertile if left untreated
  • You can spread it to partners and it can be an extremely serious condition in women
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