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Change of Specialist Referral

A “change of specialist” referral is a letter from your GP to a specialist that you have not seen before. It is only valid if it is accompanied by a recent referral letter to a doctor in the same speciality.

For example if you wanted to see Dr Brown, a dermatologist, for a skin check, but later found out he had a very long waiting list, you could use a “change of specialist” referral to see another dermatologist who had a shorter waiting list.

In Australia Medicare card-holders get a Medicare rebate (money back from the government) when they see a GP. However, you only get a Medicare rebate when seeing a specialist doctor if you have a referral letter from a GP. If you already have a referral letter but you wish to see a different specialist you have to go back to the GP in person to change the letter… until now!

Do it online with qoctor and you’ll:

…free up time

The last thing anyone wants is to spend precious time sitting in a waiting room, when you could simply organise your “change of specialist” referral in a few minutes from the comfort of your own home.

…save money

Getting your new referral from an online doctor is cheaper for you and for the taxpayer.

…free up appointments

Most medical centres and General Practitioners are very busy. By getting your “change of specialist” referral online you free up appointments for other patients who may be unwell or require urgent medical care.

… keep your GP in the loop

Specialists sometimes have out-dated records for their patient’s regular GP, and this can lead to difficulty in communication. It’s very important that both your GP and your specialist work together as this will have the best outcome for your health. By using an online doctor, you would nominate your regular GP so that your specialist knows who to communicate and liaise with.

Just click on the link below, follow the instructions, pay the tiny fee, and you’ll receive a “change of specialist” referral letter that’s legally valid for a Medicare rebate (if eligible). Any correspondence/information about the resulting consultation goes back to your regular GP, so there are no issues with interruptions in communication.


Change of Specialist Referral

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