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Allergies & Asthma

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Thunderstorm Asthma- why it happens and how to prepare yourself

Thunderstorm Asthma- learning from the past & preparing for next time What Happened in Melbourne back in November 2016? 9 people lost their lives, hundreds of people were hospitalised and thousands of people were affected by breathing problems due to thunderstorm asthma. Medical services were overwhelmed by an unexpected surge in sudden-onset attacks of [...]

Hayfever- 5 treatment tips for Springtime

Hayfever- 5 treatment tips for Springtime What causes hayfever? Hayfever (also known as seasonal allergic rhinitis) is caused by an allergy to pollen. Pollen particles are released into the air by flowers, grasses and trees, particularly in Spring and Summer- causing runny nose, sneezing and itchiness of the throat, eyes and ears. It can [...]

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