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Welcome to Qoctor’s online prescription service, which provides treatment for Asthma. Before proceeding, we recommend you take a few minutes to learn more about this condition- there’s lots of helpful health information below.

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About Asthma

Asthma affects around 1 in 20 adults and is caused by inflammation and over-sensitivity of the lungs, which can lead to sudden narrowing of the airways. Common symptoms include cough, wheeze, shortness of breath and chest tightness. It can be triggered by many things, including viruses, dust and pollen.

Asthma can start at any age, though it most commonly develops during childhood.  It is generally diagnosed based on the symptoms, which tend to get better when inhalers are used. However, sometimes investigations may be needed to confirm the diagnosis.

For most people who have asthma, treatment involves taking a reliever inhaler when symptoms flare up. Many people also need to take a daily preventer inhaler, to reduce inflammation in the lungs and stop symptoms happening in the first place.  And sometimes an oral medication ( Montelukast/ Singulair) may be used as a preventer.

Our products & prices

Qoctor’s online prescription service is for people who have already been diagnosed with asthma, and whose symptoms are managed with a regular inhaler or medication. Firstly we’ll guide you through a quick process to check that your asthma is properly controlled, and to make sure that an online prescription is a good choice for you.  You can then choose to have a paper prescription sent to your home, workplace or  local pharmacy. Or for added convenience, order your medication online- Qoctor can send it to you via express delivery, wherever you are in Australia!

  • Qoctor’s online doctor fee is just $19.99- this includes standard postage for your prescription or medication
  • If you’re just getting a paper prescription, that’s it!
  • If you order medication for delivery, the pharmacy price of the product you choose will make up the rest of the cost
  • If you want express delivery, it’s an extra $4.99
  • And we’ll always let you know about cheaper generic versions, where available!

If you’d like to try a medication for your symptoms,  simply select one of the medications below and we’ll take you through a series of important questions to make sure it’s the right choice for you.


Asthma Treatments Qoctor

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ImageNameActive IngredientsDosage(s)QtyRepeatsPriceCheaper Alternative/sBuy
Breo ElliptaBreo ElliptaFluticasone/vilanterol100 mcg/25mcg30 doses5$19.99$87.98none19.99
ALVESCO MDI INHALVESCO MDI INHCiclesonide80mcg120 doses5$19.99$55.49none19.99
Pulmicort TurbuhalerPulmicort TurbuhalerBudesonide100mcg200 doses5$19.99$60.98none19.99
Symbicort RapihalerSymbicort RapihalerBudesonide/formoterol100mcg/3mcg120 doses5$19.99$62.24none19.99
Seretide AccuhalerSeretide AccuhalerFluticasone/salmeterol100mcg/50mcg60 doses5$19.99$74.24none19.99
Symbicort TurbuhalerSymbicort TurbuhalerBudesonide/formoterol100mcg/3mcg120 doses5$19.99$107.49none19.99
CIPLA MDICIPLA MDIFluticasone/salmeterol125mcg/25mcg120 doses5$19.99$72.24none19.99
Seretide MDISeretide MDIFluticasone/salmeterol50mcg/25mcg120 doses5$19.99$74.24none19.99
Flixotide AccuhalerFlixotide AccuhalerFluticasone250mcg60 doses5$19.99$74.24none19.99
Flixotide InhalerFlixotide InhalerFluticasone 125mcg125mcg120 doses5$19.99$56.49none19.99
Airomir InhalerAiromir InhalerSalbutamol 100mcg100mcg200 doses5$19.99$34.49none19.99
Airomir AutohalerAiromir AutohalerSalbutamol 100mcg100mcg2x 200 doses5$19.99$56.49none19.99
AsmolAsmolSalbutamol 100mcg100mcg200 doses5$19.99$26.49none19.99
VentolinVentolinSalbutamol 100mcg100mcg200 doses5$19.99$26.98asmol19.99
Generic Montelukast - for AsthmaGeneric Montelukast - for AsthmaMontelukast 10mg10mg282$19.99$46.98None19.99
Singulair - for AsthmaSingulair - for AsthmaMontelukast 10mg10mg282$19.99$107.98Generic Montelukast19.99

Common Questions and Answers

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